Our Story

Bertha Reyes has been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. Bertha started as a skin specialist with Yves Rocher as a stay-at-home mom. As she grew as a leader in the skin industry she began to teach other skin practitioners. Once Bertha began to immerse herself more in the beauty industry she decided to work for Sally’s Beauty Company. During her employment there she initiated education events for salons in San Jose. That was when she noticed the lack of education in the salons in San Jose.

Cindy Tapia started her education while still attending her senior year of Santa Teresa High School. When she graduated she finished her trade at a mediocre cosmetology school. Hungry for more she immersed herself in more education following her mom’s advice and experience. That is when she noticed that the education offered was no different than what she was taught at school. She then became an educator for hair color and haircuts teaching licensed hairstylists and colorists in the bay area.

When the time was right, both daughter and mom came together in business to bring an individualized experience and educational salon to empower the stylists and the guests. Together they created La Belle Vous, which means ‘the beautiful you’ in French.